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Find freedom for your heart, mind, and soul

If Jesus set us free, why do so many live in bondage to sin? Why do we allow ourselves to suffer from anxiety, fear and the burdens of our past? The 21 Day Total Freedom Journey offers a path from brokenness to liberty through God’s Word. This unique online experience guides you through 21 daily plans, six hours of video content and personal application exercises. You’re three weeks away from freedom and a transformed life.




Each day begins with a brief teaching video from Jimmy Evans. Take notes as you watch and listen—you’ll want to remember key points.



Every session is accompanied by a relevant passage of Scripture. Digging into God’s Word is an essential step in this process.



You’ll encounter thought-provoking questions related to the teaching and the passage of Scripture. Answer these questions and work through any instructions.



Watch this short, concluding video from Jimmy Evans. It recaps that day’s teachings and prepares you for the next day.

$29 / Get Started
Original price: $39
Digital journal PDF included.
Printed journal available for purchase.
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Don’t forget the journal

The journaling process is essential to the journey, as it enables you to think through important aspects of each day’s teaching and Scriptures. That’s why a digital journal PDF is available with the purchase of the online app. However, if you prefer a printed journal, these are available separately for $15.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to go in order, day by day, or can I skip around?

Each day in this journey builds upon the last. Some days even reference Scripture or thoughts from previous days. For this reason, we recommend following in the specific order for which it has been designed—at least for the first time you go through the journey. However, if you need to take longer than one day to complete a section, please feel free. If you need to go back and reference a previous day, that is also acceptable. Once you’ve finished the 21 Day Journey, you are welcome to revisit any particular day or teaching when necessary.

Does it matter which 21 Day Journey I complete first?

No. We do recommend you begin with the 21 Day Inner Healing Journey; however, you can benefit from starting with either journey.

Do I have to buy the printed journal? If so, where can I buy it?

Not necessarily. The 21 Day Total Freedom Journey does include a digital PDF version of the journal. It is free with your purchase of the online app. However, some may find the printed journal to be a very helpful tool for taking notes and journaling answers. The printed journal can be purchased for $15 here.

Do I need to complete this by a certain time? Will my subscription ever expire for the 21 Day Total Freedom Journey online app?

No, your subscription will not expire. Your one-time purchase of the 21 Day Total Freedom Journey online app is, in reality, a lifetime subscription. You will be able to go through the journey as many times as you would like. Your continued access allows you to return to specific days in the journey for reference, any time you want.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues?

If you encounter technical issues in using the 21 Day Total Freedom Journey online app, please contact support@21dayjourney.com.

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$29 / Get Started
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